Nathan Baskind was presumed dead in battle on June 23,1944 while the area he fought in was under German control in France. He was ranked a First Lieutenant at the time. Nathan Baskind was rewarded with the Purple Heart and the Prisioner of War Medal. 

Although Nathan Baskind's body was never recovered he is remebered at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France. On the wall seen in the picture to the right called the Tablets of the Missing you can find his name.

He is also remembered in his home town in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania where his family is buried - the Torath Chaim Cemetery. 

The Purple Heart 

This award is presented to service members who get injured or die in battle while in the U.S military. Their sacrifice is acknowledged and their heroism is recognized. 

Prisioner of War Medal

This award is given to soilders who were taken or held captive by an enemy while in active service.