This is Nathan Baskind's World War 2 Draft card.

This is the 1940 United States Federal Census. Nathan Baskind was 23 at the time.

Baskind Family History

Nathan Bob Baskind was son to Abe Baskind. Abe came to America from Lithuania in 1895. They lived in the towns of Ilya and Kalonka until they moved to Clevand, Ohio. Abe's father, Avrum Baskind, immigrated to America with Abe, the eldest son, to find work. He packed cigars for $8 a week until he was able to start a factory behind his house rolling cigars and selling chewing tobacco. He eventually had saved enough money to bring the rest of his family to America. The business was successful, he opened a store, and branded cigars called "Baskinols". The business crashed like most other things during the Great Depression. Abe moved to Pittsburgh and started a confectionary and wholesale cigar store in 1916. The business was located at 1733 Penn Avenue and he lived above the store until he moved to the east side of Pittsburgh. His brother Moe and cousin Harry also moved to Pittsburgh in 1928. They opened the Peerless Wallpaper and Paint Company at 808 Fifth Avenue. In 1940 the company split because of a destructive fire. Abe moved the store to Forbes Avenue and Moe bought the Barnes Paint Company on Centre Avenue. Abe married his wife Lena Shapiro Baskind and had three children - Sam, Nathan, and Pearl. All the kids joined the family bussiness. 

This is the M. A. Baskind Company in downtown Pittsburgh

This is Nathan Baskind's house at 5700 Darlingtion Road, Pittsburgh PA

Nathan Baskind joined the military on January 26, 1942 in New Cumberland. He was 23 when the war started and enlisted when he was 26. His parents were Abe Baskind and Lena Baskind. He was single at the time and remained single throughout the war until his death. 

This is Nathan Baskind's high school picture in 1936. He went to Peabody High School in Pittsburgh, PA.

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