Military Life

Enlistment Date - January 26, 1942

Rank - First Lieutenant

Responsibilities - This rank means he would be a leader of a specialized weapons platoon which usually consists of 70 to 250 soilders. 

Division History - 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion was formed from The 99th Antitank Battalion after being redesigned in December of 1941. 

General Equiptment - 3/43 - M10; 2/45 - M36 & M36B1

Date of Death - June 23, 1944

Place of Internment - Normandy Cemetary, France

Division Movement - The Battalion stated in Casablanca and moved to Tunisia shortly after. They went onto Naples then the United Kingdom. They helped second glider lift of 82d Airborne Divion in an invasion of Normandy. They parcipated in the D-Day invasion. Some were captured and moved to Germany. Others founght within Germany for a couple of months. 

899th Tank Destroyer Battalion company picture.

Pictured is an M-36 tank which was used in the war. 

This is an M-10 tank in action.

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